Tuska festival, to be celebrated in Helsinki’s Suvilahti on June 28–30, 2024, has now confirmed a fresh batch of new artists. Strengthening the line up will be none other than one of the most influential power metal bands of all time, Stratovarius, who return to Tuska with their latest album “Survive”. Also included in the bill are Los Angeles based industrial / noise rock trio Health, whose latest “Rat Wars” release is making the rounds in the international music scene, as well German pioneers of impressive dark aesthetics and powerful metal hymns, Lord of The Lost, who made their presence widely known when representing Germany in the latest Eurovision Song Contest.

Other new international additions are Eivør, a singer / songwriter from the Faroe Islands, whose music can be heard in the hit series The Last Kingdom, along with Italian pagan/folk/power metal act Elvenking and brutal death metal trailblazer Devourment from Dallas, Texas.

The 2024 program has also been injected with a truckload of current Finnish heaviness: Helsinki-based alternative rock / metal group St. AuroraAssemble The Chariots who incorporate heavy symphonic black metal elements in their deathcore, Arctic circle melodic death metal squad I Am Your God, multifaceted death metal group Swansong, occultist retro rock up-and-comer Krypta, traditional and dirty death metal cranking Sadistic Drive, thrash metal originals Prestige, acoustic greatness of Samuli Putro under the moniker Putro In Black, frantic fastcore trio Sick Urge and Dome Runner who draw influences from the early 90’s to their special breed of industrial metal, have all been added to the line-up.  
Newly announced Tuska 2024 artists:
Stratovarius, Health, Lord Of The Lost, Eivør, Elvenking, Devourment, St. Aurora, Assemble The Chariots, I Am Your God, Swansong, Krypta, Sadistic Drive, Prestige, Putro In Black, Sick Urge, Dome Runner.

Show days announced:
Show days of Tuska 2024 artists have now been made public. Exact show times will be announced on a later date.

Friday 28.6.2024
Pendulum, Dimmu Borgir, Alestorm, Lord Of The Lost, Zeal & Ardor, Suburban Tribe, Annisokay, Ghøstkid, Elvenking, Bloodred Hourglass, Infected Rain, I Am The Night, Assemble The Chariots, Sadistic Drive, Krypta, Sick Urge

Saturday 29.6.2024
Bring Me The Horizon, Amorphis, Stam1na, Tarot, Sonata Arctica, Turmion Kätilöt, Vola, Health, Riverside, Devourment, Rytmihäiriö, Make Them Suffer, Solence, Ankor, Putro In Black, I Am Your God, St. Aurora

Sunday 30.6.2024
Parkway Drive, Opeth, Bad Omens, Stratovarius, Beyond The Black, Bury Tomorrow, Eivør, Warmen, Brothers of Metal, Fixation, Swansong, Luna Kills, Prestige, Dome Runner

Angus McSix have unfortunately canceled their Tuska performance.

More artists will be announced later.

All ticket categories are now available via official Tuska ticket outlets Tiketti, Ticketmaster and Lippu.fi.

One day tickets from 139,00€
Two day tickets from 189,00€

Three day Early Crow tickets from 229,00€ until Feb 16th
Three day Early Crow VIP tickets from 349,00€ until Feb 16th

Age limit for Tuska is 18+.

Radio City
Tuska has entered into a partnership agreement with our friends at Radio City. Tuska’s Tent Stage will from now on be known as Radio City Stage.

TUSKA 28.–30.6.2024
Helsinki, Suvilahti

In cooperation with Redi, Helsinki, KOFF and Radio City

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