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About Us

Tuska Festival is one of the largest metal music events in the Nordic countries, bringing together heavy music fans over three days. The event has been held since 1998, with Suvilahti serving as its venue since 2011.

Tuska’s mission is to showcase a diverse range of heavy music artists, encompassing different genres and stages of artists’ careers: from established stars to new music and emerging future artists.

In addition to the music program, Tuska consistently increases the visibility of speech programs, art, and small entrepreneurship. The speech program highlights critical topics such as mental health, equality, and the role of artificial intelligence. Tuska Expo showcases art and craftsmanship, allowing micro- and small entrepreneurs to present themselves at a major event. Tuska’s Sideshow program emphasizes cultural diversity, well-being, and body positivity.

Tuska is committed to continuous learning, diversification, and sustainable development in its responsibility and impact work. We actively engage in this work not only with Ekokompassi, Event Industry Association of Finland, and Yourope but also with advocacy organization MaRa and in collaboration with LiveFIN.

INVOICING ADDRESS (Updated 1.2.2022)

Please note this company only handles invoices regarding Tuska Festival.

Company name: Tuska Festival Oy
Business ID / VAT ID: 1989985-3 / FI19899853
Operator: Maventa 003721291126 (When using banking network, the operator ID used should be DABAFIHH)
Electronic invoice address: 003719899853

If you’re not able to send electronic invoices, we ask you to send paper invoices to the purchase invoice scanning service. Please note the address should also be found on the invoice, not just on the envelope:

Tuska Festival Oy
PL 100

Address for PDF invoice scanning: 19899853(at)scan.netvisor.fi
Each attachment will be interpreted as one invoice, please make sure the attachment has all necessary pages. There can be multiple attachments to one email. Attachments in other than PDF formats will not be processed.