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Before, during and after the festival weekend, about a thousand people work for Tuska . We are constantly developing the skills of our team and actively train not only ourselves, but also new professionals in the event industry. Continuous learning is a key way to take events and the event industry forward.

Tuska is a tribe that is safe to belong to, and event security means taking responsibility for our own tribe. We are a boring event in the eyes of the police, and that is exactly how we want things to continue. Going crazy, shouting and having fun are basic rights for everyone at Tuska. Everyone is allowed to do these things as long as they respect others and the principles of equality, fairness and diversity.

The focus of our environmental work is on reducing the environmental impact of the event and promoting environmental responsibility and awareness in cooperation with festival partners, service providers, subcontractors and the public. We are committed to complying with the 10 criteria of our EcoCompass certification and will audit the certificate in the summer of 2022.

We are constantly working towards more sustainable solutions and compensating for what we cannot immediately change for the better. Tuska generates approximately 200-250 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. We compensate for these emissions through Puuni Oy.

Tuska obliges all its partners, food vendors, restaurant operators and food retailers to use biodegradable packaging and cutlery at the event. In addition, we oblige all those operating in the area to recycle the waste generated from their operations efficiently and properly. In addition to these obligations, we challenge our partners to take into account the environmental impacts of their own presence and operations and to work actively to minimise them.

The festival’s electricity consumption is monitored so that it can be further optimised by taking it into consideration already during the planning phase of future events. The water supply is efficient, and we encourage visitors to use the world’s best tap water during the event.

We encourage visitors to use public transportation for traveling to and from the festival. In 2019, public transport connections were rated as the best service at Tuska by the audience.

Economic responsibility:

Tuska’s influence extends to society’s backstage, from co-operation with local residents to boosting local business, sparring young entrepreneurs and supporting low-income families by donating tickets through social services Positively contributing to employment and increasing inclusion are socially valuable goals for promoting wellbeing and a sustainable economy.

The acceleration of international trade around culture, cultural services and artists is constantly motivating us to move forward. Each year, Tuska invites an international network of more than 200 journalists to Finland, and social media channels verify the existence of an international community: approximately 50% of our social media followers come from outside Finland. Finnish heavy metal music is clearly of interest to people all over the world!

Strategic partnerships always play an important role in building a sustainable economic ecosystem. We are already preparing for the future and the new Corporate Responsibility Act in Finland by constantly examining the fulfilment of our own due diligence obligations regarding the origin of products and services. We are also challenging our partners to assess the responsibility of their procurements in order to further clarify future responsibility criteria.