Dimmu Borgir was founded in Jessheim, Norway in 1993. The band took its name from a volcanic area in Iceland, and over the years the name has become iconic beyond metal, to say the least. Dimmu Borgir’s extensive body of work is astonishing. A catalog full of milestone releases, such as the sophomore album “Stormblåst”, which is considered widely influential and the band’s last pure black metal album, and the legendary “Death Cult Armageddon” album from 2003, which took symphonic black metal to new spheres, to name a few.

Dimmu Borgir just recently released “Inspiratio Profanus” cover album, which gathers the recorded cover songs from their career. The band wanted to showcase the songs that have inspired them throughout their lengthy career.

Dimmu Borgir belongs to Tuska – there’s no way around it.