Nightstop started as a Finnish independent synth-/retrowave artist Ere Ek (founder & synthesist) who has been in the synth-music scene since 2013. The style and sound is influenced by the retrofuturistic aesthetics like dystopians, neon lights, dark and shady corners of alleys and gateways, fishnet stockings under streetlights and salacious characters in glossy leather. The distinctive sound of Nightstop is present in every release, even though music bends to various styles.

In 10 years Nightstop has managed to release 5 albums and multiple singles.

As of 2022 Nightstop has stabilized as a three member live band. Jori Asikainen (guitarist) and Teemu Kankainen (drummer) joined the journey. 

The latest album “DEAD GIRLS DON’T DANCE” (2023) is more “sinister and dangerous” darkelectro than previous streetwhore-synthwave(ish) releases. Idea to the album was inspired by super violent “Berserk”-manga and watching cult classics like “Akira”, “Cyber City Oedo 808”. Overall it’s a love letter to 80s and 90s Japanese cyberpunk pop culture with pinch of western imagination. Athmosphere orbits around themes like despair, trust and betrayal. Blade Runner style dystopia, with blade wielding androids, mixed with occult demons and devils.