Spawned in Kuopio in 2020, Swansong draws influences ranging from melodic black and death metal to neoclassical heavy and folk metal and combine them with stories about the forest, the sea and the darkness of the night. Powerful melodies, 80s and 90s riffs with old school elements paired with female-led extreme vocals and atmospheric guitar solos bring something completely new to the Finnish metal scene. The vocals are influenced by 90s melodeath, death and black metal, and for a more modern use of sound from Shadow Of Intent. In terms of composition, the biggest influences are Iron Maiden, Children Of Bodom and neoclassical metal from the 80s. The band members have history with bands such as Verjnuarmu, Sadistik Forest, Se Josta Ei Puhuta, Tornado and Carnal Demise.

Swansong’s first EP “Winter Maiden” was released in 2022, and with it the band signed to the German label Noble Demon, who recently released the band’s debut album “Awakening”.