Karhu organizes a wedding at Tuska – the search for the wedding couple is now underway

Our main partner Karhu is organizing a wedding at this summer’s Tuska and the search for the wedding couple is now underway! The wedding will take place on the opening day of Tuska, Friday, June 28th. In addition to the undoubtedly unforgettable wedding ceremony taking place at the Karhu Kappeli area, Karhu will provide f. ex. 3-day VIP tickets for the selected wedding couple, day tickets for the wedding party, and of course, cake and toasting. The wedding couple search is open from April 4th to May 2nd. Read more and apply with your partner here: https://www.lyyti.in/karhukappeli

Tuska is known for generating plenty of stories, and according to our statistics, romance is also among them: – Based on our last week’s Instagram survey, up to 21% have either found themselves or know someone who has found a spouse or partner at Tuska. – Additionally, 35% of respondents to last summer’s visitor survey said they attended the festival with their spouse or partner.

So here’s to summer and love

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