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Choreographer Nina Mamia‘s (hyperlinkkaus: https://www.instagram.com/mamiacompan/ ) interactive human installation Fluff, named after the cotton candy hair of grandmothers, will be performed this year as part of Tuska’s sideshow programme. The alleged grandmothers of the contemporary dance piece invite festival-goers to join them in various rituals and performances, weaving an interactive and immersive experience.

Fluff is embodied and merged into the visuals of the festival area, creating a universe of its own in the Suvilahti milieu. You can participate in the work from up close, watch the grannies from a distance, influence their actions or leave them to do their own thing. The values of the Fluff grannies include open interaction, equality, respect, empathy and consent.

Choreographer and director Nina Mamia is responsible for the design, choreography and production. The concept was created by Mamia and Kasperi Nordman. Mamia is also the festival’s decorator. Aliina LindroosIina LehtinenMia MamiaMina LaamoErja MoilanenTuula Sarivaara and Anna-Leena Tuohimaa will perform as the Fluff grannies.

See the performance at the festival grounds during these times:
Fri 28.6. 2pm–6pm
Sat 29.6. 1pm–5pm
Sun 30.6. 2pm–6pm