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The Carnival of Shadows

This year at the Tuska Expo in the Kattilahalli area, you will get to become a part of a gloomy parallel dimension, The Carnival of Shadows, where strange pagan creatures entertain random visitors and those interested in dark mysticism alike. You can spin the wheel of misfortune or receive interpretations from bone divination, among other things. The only currency allowed are the rune coins issued by the carnival’s gatekeeper.

Pagan Fest (formerly the Pagan Autumn Fair) is held in Espoo at Dipoli on October 12-13. Pagan Fest is a combination of indoor festivals and fairs. It offers immersive programs such as communal pagan rituals, dance and music performances, and pagan bands. The auditorium is filled with pagan-themed lectures, and workshop spaces offer intriguing workshops.

This summer, Pagan Fest brings a mythical sideshow to Tuska and offers an opportunity for heavy metal fans to participate in the dark joys of The Carnival of Shadows.

More information about the Carnival will be added later!