Metal music is on the rise, and along with it comes also Tuska’s second consecutive visitor record year. As many as 63,000 moshers gathered in Helsinki’s Suvilahti during the three festival days, each day tallying up 21,000 metalheads. Tuska 2023 was sold out in advance.

The most popular acts of Tuska weekend included each of the headliners; French and charming Gojira, the iconic VV and one of the hottest rock bands of the moment, Ghost. Huge audiences in front of the Radio Rock Main Stage were also gathered by the Gothenburg legend In Flames, the deathcore engine Lorna Shore who will be returning to Finland in the fall, Ukrainian Jinjer, the long-awaited American metalcore group Motionless In White, the Mongolian throat-singing crew The Hu and the sureshot locals Lost Society.

As expected, the hugely popular Electric Callboy packed the biggest audience of the weekend to the Tent Stage.

The capacity and services of the Inferno Stage had been improved since last year, and VendedFinntroll and Butcher Babies took advantage of that, each attracting a huge crowd.

In addition to the curated program, the Tuska KVLT stage featured seven bands who had redeemed their Tuska show by working at last summer’s festival in the Tuska KVLT. The KVLT bands that worked at this summer’s festival will be seen on the Tuska KVLT stage next summer.

In Tuska Forum, Bleeding Metal podcast moderated interesting discussions about making music with the help of artificial intelligence, mental health as well as personal interviews with Tuska artists.

Tuska Expo offered the wonderful Pakanalliset Syysmessut Goes Tuska exibition, where you could participate in various workshops, try burning at the stake, Impossible Bodyart‘s suspension sessions or even buy a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth.

Festival director Eeka Mäkynen comments on the successful festival weekend:

“It was great to see the Tuska tribe growing again, but above all, it’s amazing to see the loyal crowd return to Tuska year after year. It’s incredibly cool and humbling. Suvilahti once again showed its excellence as a festival location and we are very happy that we will continue here at least next year.”

Tuska 2024 will be organized in Suvilahti on 28.-30.6.2024. A very limited number of Limited Early Crow 3-day tickets will go on sale at Tiketti on 28.-30.6.2024 at 9:00 for 209 00€. The tickets are on sale for 48 hours or while supplies last.

In cooperation with: Redi, Koff, Radio Rock, City of Helsinki.

Pictures from Tuska 2023: https://www.tuska.fi/en/press



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