Waking up to the 3rd day of Tuska? One more day of festival ahead, we like the sound of that. A few important points:

– Yesterday we had rain and eventually also sun. Naturally Tuska people didn’t let the weather ruin the day but enjoyed the shows as they should be enjoyed. Let’s keep the mood strong today as well. 

– Pickpocketing has also been brought to our attention, which is an unfortunate and rare phenomenon in Tuska. So please take care of your property and if you witness suspicious activity, report it to crowd safety staff immediately.

– Today we celebrate the most awaited day for kids: Tiny-Tuska. Children (0-12 years old) are welcome in the area accompanied by a ticketed adult from 15:00 to 18:30. Make sure to take care of the children’s hearing protection.

Tuska day 3 – here we go!

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