Tuska 2024: Accessibility in the festival area

The ground surface in the Tuska festival area in Suvilahti is quite varied and may affect the ease of movement. Although the area is mostly accessible and the access routes are wide, a staircase or other more challenging area, such as gravel or grass, may be encountered on a central access route. 

However, the festival area has been designed so that there is an accessible route to each stage viewing area and to the various festival services. Accessible routes are indicated on the map with a wheelchair symbol, so check in advance which route is most suitable for you! The routes are also signposted on site. Each toilet area at the festival is equipped with accessible toilets and Tuska also supports the Toilet Card. 

There are wheelchair platforms near the mixing towers of the outdoor stages and ramps are available in the festival service areas. Always feel free to ask for help from staff or safety crew, we are there for every festival guest!

Read more about Tuska’s accessibility here.

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