Kuva: Jesse KämäräinenKuva: Jesse Kämäräinen


Tuska 2024 was celebrated in sunny Suvilahti, Helsinki, where 60 000 visitors gathered during the three festival days. On Saturday, Tuska’s all-time one-day visitor record was set, when 23,000 metalheads wandered to the heart of Helsinki.

The most popular acts of the weekend included the headliners: one of the world’s brightest electronic music stars Pendulum, the English alternative metal giant Bring Me The Horizon and the Australian metalcore greats Parkway Drive. Huge crowds in front of the Karhu Main Stage were also lured by all-time favorites Stam1na and Amorphis, Slayer guitarist Kerry King, and the Swedish Prog stalwarts Opeth.

The tent stage experienced a facelift for this summer with Tuska’s new media partner Radio City and the tent stage was updated to a bigger and more beautiful one. Among the most popular artists on the Radio City Stage were the extremely driven Warmen, the relentless Kaunis Kuolematon, the brutal death metal classic Devourment, and Suburban Tribe, who returned to the festival stages for the summer.

Perhaps the most visible update was experienced by the second outdoor stage, which nowadays bears the name Open Air II. Not so surprisingly, Sonata Arctica, Turmion Kätilöt and Stratovarius attracted a massive field full of Tuska folk.

Tiivistämö’s Tuska KVLT Stage was taken over by Tuska’s long-time partner Inferno Magazine. Seven bands who had redeemed their Tuska show by working at last summer’s festival in the Tuska KVLT activity played on stage. The KVLT bands that worked at this summer’s festival will be seen on the Tuska KVLT Stage next summer.

In addition to the Tuska KVLT bands, there was also curated program on stage, including Putro In Black, Krypta, I Am Your God and St. Aurora who all made Tiivistämö’s walls swell.

The Tuska Forum talk show discussed the opportunities created by video games for the music industry, the development of metal music, and the adjustment of touring life to normal everyday life under the leadership of Kiki, the host of the Bleeding Metal podcast.

In addition, Tuska’s sideshow program featured choreographer Nina Mamia‘s interactive human installation, Hahtuva/Fluff, named after grandmothers’ fluffy hair. At Tuska Expo, Impossible Bodyart‘s team of experienced tattooers and piercers and a suspension artist offered their services to the festival audience. In the Carnival of Shadows, you could become a part of a dark parallel dimension, spin the wheel of misfortune or get an interpretation from a fortune teller. 

Festival Director Eeka Mäkynen comments on the successful festival weekend: 

“Tuska is used to setting a record every year, and this year was no exception. Saturday’s 23 000 is an insane amount of audience and we are incredibly proud of this group. Everyone is welcome and we all get along here.”

Tuska 2025 will be organized in Suvilahti on 27.–29.6.2025. A very limited number of Limited Early Crow 3-day tickets will go on sale at Tiketti on 1.7.2024 at 9:00 for €199 The tickets are on sale for a limited time.

In cooperation with Redi, Helsinki, KOFF and Radio City

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