Tuska 2024: More area art – Vihervalli’s Council of the Void artwork at Tuska Expo

More impressive area art has been confirmed for Tuska! Council of the Void, located at Tuska Expo, is a body of work by multi-artist Pekka Vihervalli, featuring 13 grotesque, steampunk and death-inspired human-like works. The building materials include mannequins, jewellery, urethane and paint, and the bones used in the works are collected from animal carcasses that have been discarded for slaughter. Vihervalli is attracted to narrative and this is reflected in the characters’ backstories, which can be read in the context of the works.

”The Underworld has many names. Some call it Heaven or Hell, some call it Valhalla. We call it simply the Void. The Void is ruled by The Council of Death Gods with an iron grip. It is where the Death Gods reside and where spirits go after their death. Where the spirits reside there, is up to the officials to decide after interviewing candidates. The Void has a strictly organized hierarchy and is a vast place with many areas and offices with smaller posts. Some of the residents and even some Death Gods don’t fully agree with The Council, and throughout the times there have been numerous uprisings. Recent events, such a human sightings in the Underworld has had the depths stirring, predicting something big to come….”, the artwork has been described.

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