Tuska 2024: Safety starts at the gate

At Tuska, safety starts at the gate. With these measures, we ensure the well-being of festival-goers:

Safety crew conducts safety checks at the gate for all entrants, including body checks with sensitivity taken into account.

There is safety personnel on site to report incidents to and who can assist and notify the first aid team if necessary. You can recognize them by their yellow or orange vests.

There are 2 first aid points on the area, which you can find on the festival map.

You can contact the harassment contact person for example via the Tuska app.

Tuska bears the Event Industry’s Check! badge for safe events, indicating that the event has been implemented safely for the public.

Tuska is among the first to utilize the social responsibility compass tool developed by the City of Helsinki.

Above all, take care of yourself, your friends, and your surroundings. Please report any inappropriate or suspicious behavior and untidiness to the safety staff.

Read more about the safety guidelines here.
Onward to the festival weekend!

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