Tuska 2024: Toilet Card in use

There are several toilet areas in the festival area. All toilets are unisex, and there are also urinals and accessible toilets. Check the location of the toilet areas on the map and be aware that if the toilet area nearest to you is temporarily full of people, it may be wiser to use one of the other toilets in the festival area. The toilets will be cleaned regularly during the festival days. 

Tuska also supports the Toilet Card and all accessible toilets will be labelled with a Toilet Card sticker. Our aim is to promote accessibility and facilitate quick access to the toilet for people with different medical conditions. So let’s work together to keep all accessible toilets available for those who need them and let the Toilet Card holder get past the queue if necessary. The Toilet Card can be on the back of the association’s membership card or on a mobile phone.

For more information about the Toilet Card and the participating associations, please visit https://ibd.fi/in-english/toilet-card/

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