Tuska 2024 will be decorated with useful and harmful plants

Tuska and Pakanafestarit join forces in Mustapuronlaakso to help the City of Helsinki in the fight against harmful plants. The collaboration will promote respect for local nature and challenge city residents to identify and control invasive species.

Tuska Festival will also collect useful plants from the Helsinki area to decorate the festival. The useful plants will be collected from several collection points in a moderate and environmentally friendly way. After the festival, the useful plants will be given a new life in the tender care of Sysimaa.

Take part in the fight against harmful plants in your local environment, post a picture of your destructive power on Instagram using the tags @pakanafestarit @tuskafestival @helsinki and you could win tickets to Pakanafestarit in Espoo Dipoli on 2-13.10.2024. 

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