7 bands secured their show slots at this summer’s festival through Tuska KVLT activities – Tuska KVLT recruitment now opeN

Tuska 2024 lineup includes seven bands who have earned their show slots by participating in last summer’s Tuska KVLT community activities. The recruitment for Tuska KVLT for this summer’s festival has just opened. In April, a Tuska KVLT Klubi will also be held in Helsinki.

Tuska festival’s Tuska KVLT Stage will host seven Finnish bands that have secured their positions on the lineup by engaging in Tuska KVLT community activities last summer. Tuska 2024 will be celebrated in Helsinki on June 28–30. 

This summer’s Tuska KVLT bands are Agarwaen which serves up infectious riffs with raw and gritty soundscapes, Kollectivist which plays modern metal with melodeath and prog influences, Terromania which delivers intense and dynamic heavy metal, Satra which blends symphonic elements with heavy rhythms, My Misery which collects thrash, punk, death metal and core influences into one package, Metal Riot which presents old school heavy metal and SulfuriS which mixes extreme metal with epic melodies.

“We participated in Tuska KVLT activities in the summer of 2023 after hearing that it could lead to playing at Tuska, and realizing the amount of potential contacts it could provide. Operating in KVLT roles, we quickly learned how relaxed Tuska-goers are and what a great environment it is for both workers and those involved in KVLT activities. The team leaders were professional, and we were all warmly welcomed. Looking back on that weekend, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It also feels good to say that this year, we’ll be playing at Tuska ourselves”, describes Antti Saarinen, guitarist and vocalist of Terromania.

Tuska KVLT recruitment and band search open

With nearly a 200-member Tuska KVLT community, the goal is to ensure the continuity and renewal of the culture surrounding metal music. The community is involved in organizing the festival alongside over a thousand event industry professionals. Participants get to see all aspects of event production before, during, and after the festival.

Meeting different yet like-minded people year after year is one of the community’s main attractions. In 2023, the youngest participants in Tuska KVLT activities had just turned 18, while the oldest was 65. Both first-timers and familiar faces from previous years were present.

Recruitment for 2024 is currently underway on the Tuska KVLT website. Previous festival experience is not required; being 18 years old and having a positive attitude are sufficient. Training is provided for all roles.

The recruitment also seeks new talents for Tuska KVLT Stage in 2025. A show slot on the festival stage is guaranteed when all band members participate in Tuska KVLT activities this year.

Previous Tuska KVLT bands to perform at a club environment

In April, Tuska KVLT activities will kick off with a bang at the Tuska KVLT Klubi held in Helsinki. Taking the stage at Bar Loose on Friday, April 5th, are Vansidian, Irrational Cause, and Abstrakt, who have impressed audiences at Tuska KVLT Stage in previous years.

Tuska KVLT Klubi
Fri, April 5, 2024 Bar Loose, Helsinki
Doors open at 8:30 PM, tickets starting from 8€ in advance from Tiketti / 9.5€ at the door.
Check out the Facebook event here.

Tuska KVLT 2024 bands:
Agarwaen, Kollectivist, Terromania, Satra, My Misery, Metal Riot, SulfuriS 

Tuska 2024 Program:

Friday 28.6.2024
Pendulum, Dimmu Borgir, Kerry King, Alestorm, Lord Of The Lost, Zeal & Ardor, Suburban Tribe, Annisokay, Ghøstkid, Elvenking, Bloodred Hourglass, Infected Rain, I Am The Night, Suotana, Assemble The Chariots, Sadistic Drive, Krypta, Sick Urge, Terromania, Kollectivist, Metal Riot

Saturday 29.6.2024
Bring Me The Horizon, Amorphis, Stam1na, Tarot, Sonata Arctica, Turmion Kätilöt,  Vola, Health, Riverside, Kaunis Kuolematon, Devourment, Rytmihäiriö, Make Them Suffer, Solence, Ankor, The Abbey, Putro In Black, I Am Your God, Malformed, St. Aurora, SulfuriS, Agarwaen, My Misery

Sunday 30.6.2024
Parkway Drive, Opeth, Bad Omens, Stratovarius, Beyond The Black, Bury Tomorrow, Eivør, Warmen, Brothers of Metal, Fixation, NightStop, Swansong, Luna Kills, Prestige, Dome Runner, Shereign, Satra

Exact show times will be announced later. 

All ticket categories are now available via official Tuska ticket outlets Tiketti, Ticketmaster and Lippu.fi.

One day tickets from 139,00€
Two day tickets from 189,00€
Three day tickets from 239,00€ 
Three day VIP tickets from 359,00€ 

Age limit for Tuska is 18+.

TUSKA 28.–30.6.2024
Helsinki, Suvilahti

In cooperation with Redi, Helsinki, KOFF and Radio City