Founded in 1994, Suburban Tribe returns with the line-up they called it quits with: Ville Tuomi (vocals), Janne Joutsenniemi (bass), Roope Sirén (guitar), Alec Hirst-Gee (drums) and Euge Valovirta, who was drafted as the band’s second guitarist in 2000. The original vocalist of the band, Jouni Markkanen, who performed the vocal duties on the first four albums, will also take the stage as a special guest. The band’s ranks have also included keyboardist Emerson Burton (years 1996–2000).

Known for their energetic stage presence, Suburban Tribe played two sold-out farewell gigs in Tavastia in Helsinki in 2011. During their 20-year career, the band released eight studio albums with such hit singles as Frozen Ashes, Oil And Water, Silent Rain, While The World Awaits, Now And Ever After and First Spring Day.

To the metal community, the members of Suburban Tribe are familiar from their other connections in the metal world: Janne Jousenniemi started his career as the frontman of the legendary Stone, Ville Tuomi is remembered as Kyyria’s vocalist, Roope Sirén got his start as the axeman for thrash pioneer Airdash, Alec Hirst-Gee has performed in Tuska with his thrash band Divine Decay, and guitar virtuoso Euge Valovirta is known from such bands as Godsplague, Shining and Cyhra.

Suburban Tribe show at Tuska will most certainly be a whirlwind of emotions. Suburban Tribe has meant so much to so many.