Get access to the mouth-watering VIP menu

The Tuska VIP ticket includes a VIP food wristband which allows for unlimited food catering to both small and large appetites throughout the festival in the VIP food world. The food area features multiple food points where you can freely sample dishes and tantalize your taste buds with a diverse range of options. Meals are to be enjoyed within the VIP food world. Drinks are not included in the price, but a separate sales point in the food area sells refreshments, wine, and brewery products for the thirsty.

This year’s palate-pleasing Tuska VIP menu includes for example Nachos Supreme in authentic South American style, Sake Pork with Ginger-Apple Slaw from Asian cuisine, as well as mouthwatering pizzas and sliders. You can get a vegan option from each food point. Check out the full menu below!

VIP tickets are now limited, so hurry to secure a spot for yourself amidst excellent food and great services. Click here to purchase your VIP ticket.


South America

Nachos Supreme
○ Ground beef / Tofu
○ Corn chips, beef mince or jalapeno tofu (V), salsa, guacamole, jalapeno cheddar sauce (Poppamies), herbs

Soft taco
Organic tofu / Salmon ceviche

Asia / Middle East

○ Indian onion-vegetable fritter, coriander dip, and mango chutney

Sake Pork with Ginger-Apple Slaw

Potato Falafel
○ Potato falafel, mint-quinoa salad, hummus, and matbuha


○ Margherita / Prosciutto slices

Currywurst and French fries

North America

○ Chicken / Beef / Halloumi
○ Onion rings / aioli

Macarons / assorted filled chocolates

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