Here is the Tuska 2024 Body Art entity

Tuska offers more than just music. For example, the Impossible Bodyart’s team will be offering their services to the festival audience at the Tuska Expo in Kattilahalli.

This year’s carefully chosen team includes experienced tattooists and piercers, along with a masseuse with magic hands and a body suspension artist, who turns her rituals into art. You’ll find both old familiar faces and new faces in the area. By popular demand, the Body Art area will also feature a brand new service, Mosh Massage, where stiff and sore necks can be treated so that one can mosh at the gigs like there’s no tomorrow.

The tattoo and piercing services will operate on a walk-in basis, meaning that no appointments can be booked beforehand. However, you can check out the artists’ portfolios in advance on their personal Instagram accounts and choose the right tattoo artist for you. Rope and hook suspensions, on the other hand, can be prebooked by contacting either Impossible Bodyart or The Occult Therapy directly. The suspensions are also available on the spot, so booking ahead is not mandatory. The contact information for every artist is found on their personal Instagram accounts. can also be arranged on the spot. More detailed contact information for each of the authors can be found on their personal Instagram accounts.

As last year, there will also be sideshow programme in the Body Art area. The programme will include ritualistic body suspensions with hooks and ropes that are performed by The Occult Therapy with the help of other team members. More classic sideshow art is provided by a freak show artist Nes Tiffany.

Impossible Bodyart (piercings, sideshow program)
Riina @impossiblebodyart


Sampo @sampoharjula

Cabbit Tattoo
Erika @cabbittattoo

La Familia Tattoo
Aki Siltala @akistattoo
Inkku Vainaa @inkkutattoo

Polaris Tattoo
Sonja Kaski @sonjakaski
Matte Saari @matte_saari

Mimosa @mimosaharju

Charlyne @the_occult_therapy

Julle @hippistouch


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