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We’ll inform about festivals food services closer to the event

Lost and Found
All lost & found items will be delivered to the main police station in Pasila the week after the festival. You can try and locate yours at the end of the business week.

Food & Drink
There are different kinds of food stalls at the festival area

There are water taps for public at the venue.

You can bring small amounts of your own snacks, e.g. . a couple of bananas are allowed. Own food portions are not allowed

Deposit system
Tuska has a deposit system. Beverage cans can be returned to any serving point The same also applies to wine decanters and hard plastic wine glasses.

Please sort your trash in appropriate containers.

Tuska Official Merchandise
Latest Tuska gear from here!

Band Merchandise
Can you festival without a new band shirt? No ei paljon mitään. Not really.

Tuska applications now available:


We accept credit & debit cards and mobile payment. Note! No cash