Tuska 2023 will be remembered not only for its lineup but also for the biggest Tuska Expo in festival history. Once again, there will be a variety of captivating and unique exhibitors taking over the Kattilahalli located in the festival area. Part of the Kattilahalli will be occupied by the Pakanalliset Syysmessut Goes Tuska (Pagan Autumn Fair Goes Tuska) organized by Sysimaa, where you can participate in various workshops. In addition, you’ll be able to witness some impressive suspension sessions by Impossible Bodyart which will provide a spectacular break for running around to see the bands.

At Tuska Expo, you can easily get for example tattoos, piercings, barber services, corpse masks as well as esoteric accessories. Check out all the exhibitors at Tuska Expo below:

AIONI is an esoteric bookshop and antiquarian B&M in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. From AIONI you can find a huge amount of both new and old occult and philosophic literature. AIONI’s specialty are Viides Askel publications, which are related to occultism, theistic satanism and archaic culture.

Beard Park
Beard Park’s barbershop serves now customers also at Tuska festival! If you need a haircut or a beardtrim, don’t hesitate to come. They have also products for your hair and beard, and much more! 

Bard & Jester
Bard & Jester specializes in leather goods and designs and manufactures everything from fantasy, medieval, and Viking armors to steampunk and post-apocalyptic-inspired attire. Their selection also includes various related accessories, such as special sunglasses, telescopes, sun and pocket watches, protective eyewear, and much more!

Ice Breakers For Vikings
The Icebreakers for Vikings drinking game is the ultimate party starter that breaks the ice even in a stiff crew! You can take the deck of cards with you anywhere, to a bar, a picnic, a party!

Totentanz offers stylish black attire with attitude. Here, you can find clothes, accessories, and home decor for every night queen’s and prince of darkness’s castle and lair.

Kaamos Co.
Kaamos Co. will enrich Tuska Expo with corpse paint themed SpatanicĀ® goods, including the new black metal rubber ducks, the famous Corpse Paint Soaps and skin care masks, and sauna textiles. You will also find their hand blended organic Spatanic beard and hair oils and other (ab)bathroom related products!

Impossible Bodyart
Impossible Bodyart displays an extensive spectrum of body arts at Tuska Expo. Talented and experienced artists working in this booth offer tattoos, body piercing, corpse paints, and hand made body jewellery. For those willing to explore the extreme end, Impossible Bodyart facilitates an opportunity to see or experience body suspension.

The Paskakauppa (Shit Shop) boutique offers all kinds of lovely shit, just as its name suggests.

Annananna is the candy store of your dreams in Helsinki and online, thus covering the entire country of Finland! You can get gluten-free, vegan, and mixed candies in a bag or box, they also deliver the sweets to your home. Only sweet memories! 

TDP Clothing
TDP Clothing is a tattoo inspired streetwear brand with the aim of showing tattoos under a completely new perspective. Adapting tattoo designs to the streetwear aesthetic, TDP created a new way of wearing tattoos on a daily basis.

Metalheads Against Bullying
Metalheads Against Bullying’s mission is to engage people in the fight against bullying. 

Pakanalliset Syysmessut Goes Tuska
Tuska is pleased and honored to include a complete side event at Tuska Expo, organized by Sysimaa: Pagan Autumn Fair Goes Tuska (Pagan Autumn Fair Goes To Tuska). This fair, focusing on Nordic folklore and mythology, includes for example store stands such as Magiapuoti selling domestic witchcraft and ritual products, Ulottuvuusmatkat offering temporary tattoos and corpse paint, Pieni Noitapuoti selling witchcraft and shamanism-related handicrafts, Kuu Tarot by Laura Lunaproviding tarot readings, Vainajala producing ritual drums and handicrafts, Valkhea offering esoteric healing treatments,Glimmering Deep Designs and Sir Roi as jewelry makers, Iinan Kristallipuoti providing magical products, Suomen Noitaopisto introducing the secrets of witchcraft, Aikuiseksi Energiahoito offering energy healing and Korvenloitsu selling eco clothes, accessories and drums.

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