You got to keep the hunger away and blood sugar levels in condition when there’s three merciless days of metal festival ahead. We have once again listened to your wishes regarding the festival food selection and the Tuska 2023 food vendors are now booked! There will be burgers, tacos, hot dogs, BBQ, pizza, buns, hatsapuris, Moroccan street food, Japanese noodle classics, Thai food, loades fries as well as authentic festival grub on the menu. Vegetarians and vegans are of course catered to as well and there will also be gluten-free options. Check out our food tips for the festival below.  

The dark and atmospheric Black Dining restaurant offers once again a welcome breather from running to see the shows, but we do recommend that you book your table in advance

BangBang BBQ

The acclaimed BangBang BBQ delivers skillfully smoked genuine bbq food which is truly worth it. Here you’ll definitely get your stomach full in between bands. 

Black Dining

In Tuska’s own restaurant at Oranssi’s premises the dark and atmospheric setting meets top quality ingredients and delicious flavours in a unique way. The seats to Black Dining have been sold out in advance for years so we do recommend booking your table in time before the festival


From Bunit street food kiosk you can grab yourself steam buns that will truly make your mouth water. The soft buns are filled with crispy chicken, yuzu mayonnaise, cabbage and more. Vegan option also available. If you’re really hungry, get yourself a side order of spicy kimchi fries. 

Casa Moro

Moroccan street food with a modern twist! Casa Moro’s food is a mixture of meal memories of family-style cooking and street food vendors of Marrakesh, Casablanca and Fès. These flavours and local ingredients create a unique twist that in Casa Moro they call the Morocnavian phenomenon. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan options will be on the menu. 

Fat Ramen

Helsinki’s first ramen-focused noodle restaurant arrives to Tuska for the first time! Well-known for their Japanese noodle soups, Fat Ramen’s festival menu is completely vegan and includes the restaurant’s most desired dishes: Jalotofu ramen and Korokke Bao buns. There will also be a lighter gluten-free korokke salad and refreshing iced tea on the list.

Feastie Boys

Feastie Boys creates delicious portions of loaded fries that will definitely fill your stomach. This you just simply cannot miss. 

Haapasalon Hatsapuri

This is a food experience you don’t want to miss! The filling Georgian hatsapuris and new pizzapuris will truly make your mouth water. On the menu you’ll find the traditional cheese hatsapuris as well as meat, vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

Naughty BRGR – Pups Hot Dogs & Fries

TV stars Akseli Herlevi and Ossi Lahtinen have toured around the world collecting the best hot dog flavours, ideas and classics, and now present their own special versions of them. At Tuska you’ll be able to taste their new Pups Hot Dogs among the first people in the world. F. ex. Chili Dogs, Pups Special, Korean Dogs and Salt & Vinegar Fries will be on the menu so come give your review of the novelties. 

Papa’s Smokery BBQ

These smoked BBQ delicacies will fire up your taste buds. On their menu you’ll find burgers, pulled pork and chicken, traditional festival foods and filling vegetarian options. 

Seksico Tacos

Seksico Tacos is well-known for their popular restaurants in Helsinki and Espoo, but also for their Seksico® Chili Sauces that have already become classics. 

Sourdough Pizza Crew

Sourdough Pizza Crew was born from the love of high-quality ingredients, season’s best flavours and slow baked sourdough. Delicious pizzadogs are this year filled with local fish kebab, BBQ pork belly, chili marinated scampis or with eggplant and asparagus. 

Thai Papaya

Taste and quality are the first priorities at Thai Papaya as the restaurant’s ideology is all about best ingredients and genuine Thai flavours, prepared by a chef specialized in Thai food. 

Treffi Pub & Bistro

One of Helsinki’s true classic restaurants offers their best to the Tuska crowds: grilled vegetarian and meat burgers and great service. All the burgers are available as gluten-free and dairy-free versions. 



Tasty hamburgers, available as meat or vegetatarian options. 


Tuska’s vegan pitas and burgers will not leave you hungry.

Tuska Loaded Fries

Tuska’s fantastic Loaded Fries are available as vegetarian and chicken options. 

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