Tuska is much more than just music! Alongside the gigs, we have a whole lot of sideshow program for you. Check out the schedules on Tuska website’s Info page under Tuska Forum, Tuska Expo and Area Art.

Here are a few highlights of Tuska Sideshow program.

Tuska Forum by Bleeding Metal
In addition to quality music, Tuska also features thought-provoking discussions. Hosted by Kiki, the host of the Bleeding Metal podcast, which has been rocking the metal scene for ten years, Tuska Forum by Bleeding Metal presents exhilarating talk shows in Suvilahti’s Solmusali hall. These discussions include artist guests and other influencers from the metal scene. On Friday, an entire song will even be created using artificial intelligence technology, prompting us to contemplate whether this truly represents the future of music. The updated schedule can be found under the Tuska Forum tab in the Info section. Discussions are in English.

Tuska Expo
Tuska Expo is bigger than ever. It hosts a full-fledged pagan fair filled with Tuska-themed activities and sights. At the Expo, you can easily get tattooed, pierced, and even suspended by hooks (requires pre-registration). The schedule and detailed information can be found under the Expo tab in the Info section.

The festival area offers a wealth of engaging and awe-inspiring art experiences. Nes Tiffany’s suspension sessions, involving blood and piercings, push the boundaries of the body and are not suitable for the most sensitive individuals. The schedules for these performances have been updated under the Art tab in the Info section.

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