All Tuska tickets will be exchanged to wristbands which give you access to the festival area. The wristband exchange takes place at Tuska Check In on the 2nd floor of shopping centre Redi. We recommend you to come exchange your wristband in advance so that you can avoid the festival Friday’s afternoon rush hours when thousands of others are arriving to the area at the same time. 

The wristband exchange in Redi opens already on the festival week’s Tuesday 27th June at noon and is open daily until the festival Sunday. Check out the Tuska Check in opening hours and other information from the Info page’s Festival area and arrival section. There is a guided route to Tuska Check In point from the metro station escalators: just follow the signage and you’ll find your way there. Check out also the festival area map

We have also been listening to your wishes and this year the Tuska Check In opening hours have been timed to the days leading to the festival so that you can exchange your wristband conveniently during lunch time or after work while doing your grocery shopping, for example. You can also grab the possible pre-merch you’ve ordered at the same time and take it home with you. 

We’ve done a lot preparations so that the wristband exchange would go as smoothly as possible but please note that the busiest hours take place on the first day of Tuska, on Friday afternoon and early evening. Between 3pm–7pm the queuing might even take about an hour so take please note of this when planning your schedule for the festival. We have prepared for the busiest hours by doubling the number of wristband exchange staff but we strongly recommend you come to exchange your wristband already during the previous days, if it’s even remotely possible for you! You’ll thank yourself later.

There isn’t a wristband exchange at the festival gates, near the Koksikatu and Leonkatu corner, but there will be a security check. Therefore, we recommend you to reserve time for the security check and possible cloakroom visit as well. 

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