Tuska 2024: Arriving to Tuska

By far the easiest way to arrive to Tuska is by metro to Kalasatama and there are likely to be others metalheads on the same ride – brilliant! The metro runs two hours longer than usual on Fri/Sat and Sat/Sun nights. Please note, however, that the Central Railway Station and Mellunmäki metro stations will be closed this summer due to renovations. For example, if you take the train to the Central Railway Station, you can get on the metro from Helsinki University station located in Kaisaniemi. Several buses also run conveniently via Kalasatama. 

There are 6 bus stops nearby Redi.
Platform 1: Itäväylä (3rd floor, Elevator A)
Platform 2: Itäväylä (3rd floor, Elevator C)
Platforms 3–4: Hermannin rantatie, street level (Elevators C, D and B to 2nd floor)
Platforms 5–6: Työpajankatu, street level (Elevator C, D and B to 2nd floor)

Check the HSL’s Journey Planner for public transport timetables and routes.

Alternatively, you can also walk or ride a city bike. There is a city bike station in Kalasatama, but there is no guarded parking area for private bicycles on behalf of Tuska. 

And hey, don’t forget that before heading to the festival area, all tickets must be exchanged for wristbands at the Tuska Check In point in Redi shopping centre in Kalasatama. The clever ones do this before the festival weekend to avoid the wristband exchange rush hours. Check out the information about wristband exchange here and a map of the festival area here. (hyperlinkki: https://tuska.fi/en/info/map/ )

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