Tuska Body Art area, which drew loads of attention last year, is going to be even bigger this year as Impossible Bodyartbrings her carefully chosen team to Kattilahalli.

The tattooing team will receive new members who have years of experience in the tattoo industry, therefore, the selection of tattoo styles will be even broader. You can choose a tattoo from ready drawn flashes or select an artist to fulfil your own idea. There will be multiple body piercers working in the area and most anatomies and tastes are covered by the extensive jewellery selection.

The Body Art professionals will provide quality service, but foremost they execute it safely and hygienically so that the festival memories can be worn with pride in years to come. In the Body Art -area, one can examine one’s body and its limits either as an observer or by experiencing. The stage in the area will function as a ritual space where hooks and ropes transform into methods of safe and caring heart-searching.

The Occult Therapy, a body suspension practitioner specialised in the fields of mental health and ritual, will present their work for the audience. They provide the experience for clients too throughout the weekend. In a safer space and with the Occult Therapy’s guidance one can discover one’s strengths and vulnerabilities, while finding empowerment.

More infos at www.theocculttherapy.com 
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