Tuska 2024: Here’s everything you need to know about wristband exchange

As in previous years, all Tuska 2024 tickets must be exchanged for wristbands at the Tuska Check In before entering the festival area. Tuska Check In is located on the 2nd floor of the Redi shopping centre, next to the Kalasatama library and the Vapaakaupunki kid’s room, and there is a guided route from the Kalasatama metro station. Check the location on the map.

Again, we strongly recommend that you arrive for the wristband exchange on one of the days before the festival, if it is geographically possible for you. This way you will avoid the rush hours that will inevitably accumulate in the afternoon of Tuska Friday, even though we have prepared for the expected rush spikes with additional resources. In previous years the waiting time has sometimes stretched to closer to an hour as festival-goers have arrived at Tuska Check In at exactly the same time. So take our advice and come and exchange your wristband before the festival weekend!

Tuska Check In opening hours:

Tue 25.6. 12-19
Wed 26.6. 12-19
Thu 27.6. 12-21
Fri 28.6. 11-23
Sat 29.6. 11-23
Sun 30.6. 12-22

Please note that the wristbands are personal and will be attached directly to the wrist of the ticket holder when exchanged. No loose wristbands will therefore be given to anyone. Wristbands will also not be exchanged at the gates of the festival area, but exclusively at the Tuska Check In at Redi.

The wristbands are exchanged using Tiketti equipment. If you have bought your Tuska ticket from Ticketmaster after the wristband exchange has started, you can only exchange your ticket for a wristband the day after you buy your ticket, so that the ticket details have time to be updated to the Tiketti equipment. The ticket information from Lippu.fi tickets will be updated to the system immediately.

As an added tip, this year you can also find a Rockstar Energy Drink point at Tuska Check In, where you can enter a prize draw after exchanging your wristband between 25-27 June from 12-20pm to win places to the Rockstar Lounge experience! The Rockstar Lounge experience includes a 2-hour experience in the Rockstar Lounge opposite the main stage. You and your friends can listen to a main stage performer from an exclusive location on either Friday or Saturday. The winners of the draw will be announced on Friday 28.6. The draw is open to all Tuska ticket holders. There will also be cold Rockstars available!

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