Art is once again not limited to just music at this year’s Tuska. The festival area program offers a wide range of insightful and somewhat challenging art. Included are extreme body art, sculptures, and, of course, coffins and skulls. 

Here are some highlights of the Tuska art tour:

Nes Tiffany
New figure in body art, Nes Tiffany, will take the stage for the first time at Tuska.  The artist has been doing freak circus and sideshow since 2015 and combines the genre’s elements to an artform of its own. The performance, involving blood and body piercing, reflects the performer’s experiences of expectations placed on the body. Not for the faint-hearted.

Anna Pekkala
Sculptor Anna Pekkala is known for her shark sculptures made from different materials. Tuska will naturally feature a metallic shark.

Thomas Cardwell
Researcher and visual artist Thomas Cardwell’s striking drawings will adorn the walls of Tuska’s Black Dining area.

Ilmari Wärri
What would Tuska be without coffins and skulls created by Ilmari Wärri, the Pöytyä-based artist who explores art in relation to death? Wärri’s Death Artist collection can be found throughout the festival area.

Jussi Pakalén
Graffiti and airbrush artist Jussi Pakalén will bring shades of darkness to Tuska.

Goodkids Ry
The graffiti art group, Goodkids Ry, is responsible for the paintings at the main gate and the covers for the tent stage poles at Tuska. They will also create a live painting wall at the festival.

Shadow Room Ry
The marginal culture and dark aesthetics special group, Shadow Room Ry, will once again assist Tuska in setting up the festival. Additionally, Shadow Room’s sculptures can be found at the Tuska Expo, using motorcycles and X-ray images as materials.

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